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    At RDG we take pride in our premises, our people and our service. We ensure that our workshops are clinically clean and equipped with the most advanced technology and experienced professionals guaranteeing high quality repair and rebuild services. Our gearbox repair and rebuild workflow is well managed and organised.All parts and services are covered by our 1 year 20 000km warranty.

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    At RDG we are passionate about everything we do, going the extra mile every day to ensure exceptional gearbox repairs backed by best in class service. We are passionate about our people and they in turn are passionate about developing their experience and knowledge base, keeping ahead of intricate vehicle systems and stringent international service standards.

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    Geared for Excellence, Professional workmanship, unrivalled service, optimum value for money and superior reliability, position RDG ahead of industry competitors as the leading gearbox repair services specialists.

We Are Open 7:30 AM TO 5 PM* Monday to Saturday

*Our Boksburg Head office is open Monday to Saturday. Saturdays we are open until 1 PM . Contact us if you need to visit outside of these hours or if you need to bring a vehicle in to one of our branches on the weekend so that we may accommodate you.


Professional driveline Solutions

At RDG we strive to deliver professional service whether it be a gearbox or differential repair, clutch replacement , steering box or CV repair or just a second opinion. Rex Diff and Gearbox with our 1 year 20 000km warranty is the last call you'll ever need to make for all your driveline woes

  • gearbox repair

     Gearbox repair

    Complete gearbox repair , overhaul and remanufacture is our speciality.

  • Clutch

     Clutch replacement

    We supply and fit genuine OEM approved clutch kits and full flywheel refurbishment.

  • Rear Differential

     Differential repair

    Our specialised diff bay deals with any type of differential repair.

  • CV joints

     CV joints and steering boxes

    Noisy or leaking CV's and steering boxes are fully repaired here at RDG.

  • Propshaft

      Propshaft balancing and repair

    RDG has our own dedicated propshaft workshop and team!

  • Service man

      Excellent service

    Over 25 years we have many OEM approvals and strive to always give excellent service to our customers.


Monday - Friday : 07:30 - 17:00
Saturday : closed
Sunday : closed

Head Office

54 Rietfontein Road, Boksburg
1459, South Africa.


LANDLINE+27 011 823 4383

247 Emergency +27 073 575 8216

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 Both these repair options apply to owners of vehicles of which the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. For a gearbox with minor faults (such as a noisy bearing and/or one damaged gear), it will be cheaper to strip and examine the gearbox for an accurate quote on repair cost. Although the cost is lower, this process takes longer, but still enjoys RDG’s 1-year warranty.

 For a severely damaged gearbox requiring a complete overhaul, the Reman Exchange option entails the removal of the broken gearbox and replacing it with one of RDG’s shelf stock, remanufactured gearboxes. These are priced at about the same to repair the broken unit, but can be installed within two working days, and include RDG’s warranty. Reman exchange units cost far less than a brand new gearbox.

Some of our transmission technicians have received overseas training from Original Equipment Manufacturers in the U.S., Japan and South Korea. All our technicians are amongst the most highly trained and experienced in Southern Africa.

Take your vehicle or loose gearbox to your nearest RDG branch – there are eight in South Africa – for a free assessment. Options include a minor repair using pristine used replacement parts, a Remanufactured Exchange gearbox or a 2nd hand refurbished gearbox.

A faulty passenger car transmission can be due to something as innocuous as needing a minor adjustment, software update, or replacing a battery or fuse, rectified at a minimal cost. Mechanical wear or damage to one or more bearings, gear cogs, synchro rings, clutch plates or solenoids requires a full strip down and examination. The duration of the strip and rebuild is uniform; it’s the number of new parts could cost about R12-13,000. Ideally, take your vehicle to an RDG branch for a technician to assess a fault.

Your vehicle gets a test drive (if driveable) and computerized diagnostic test to determine the nature of the fault. This could be due to a clutch problem, gear lever assembly, faulty sensor or wiring damage. These are fairly straightforward and quick to repair. If the fault is worn or damaged internal mechanical components, the transmission must be stripped down to identify these and furnish a repair quote, which takes a day or two. Parts availability from suppliers is the only factor that can affect the duration of a repair beyond a few days. RDG branches maintain a stock of Reman Exchange gearboxes for the most popular vehicle models which can be swapped out within two working days.

Yes. If your vehicle breaks down due to a gearbox problem, RDG can dispatch one of our own flatbed trucks or alternate tow truck operators to bring your vehicle to an RDG workshop. Tow fees are according to the AA per-km rate.

Yes. All our branches have a fleet of bakkies for collection and delivery of loose transmissions or to have a driver collect your vehicle. Call your nearest RDG branch to arrange this. See our branch listing page for contact details.

 All RDG branches are jointly certified with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to the latest requirements of both, the ISO 9001 International Standard for Quality Management Systems Requirements and the SANS 10279 South African National Standard for the Rebuilding of Automotive Gearboxes.

 Yes. All our drivetrain repairs carry a 1-year 20,000 km warranty for passenger vehicles, and a 1-year unlimited distance warranty for commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.). *unless otherwise specified

  • Salome Potgieter - National Service Manager has more than 20 years of experience working for Delta garages and then RDG .She is passionate about her team's service and always goes the extra mile.

  • Dennis McLachlan - Consumer Affairs Manager is responsible for all online-queries and interaction between RDG and our valued customers. Maintaining RDG's high standards of customer satisfaction
  • Rick Rex - Managing Director ensures that our facilities are always impeccable and holds us all to the highest quality standards ensuring RDG is the solution to all your driveline problems

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