wet weather gearbox breakdownwet weather gearbox breakdown

Your Gearbox and wet weather driving

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The rains are finally here and the traffic and flooded roads have come along with it. Driving through these flooded roads and torrential rains exposes your transmission to the elements. Rex Diff and Gearbox believes that prevention is better than cure. The best chance of preventing premature failure is to check for water in the transmission fluid after your vehicle has been over exposed to flooded road conditions.

Less than a tablespoon of water in your transmission fluid can cause premature failure to the internal components of your transmission or gearbox.

The contamination of the friction plates in the gearbox may result in the gearbox being unable to select any gears.

The AA recommends you slow down whilst approaching oncoming water patches and deep puddles on the road as this could lead to aquaplaning and losing control of the vehicle or taking water into the engine or gearbox

Driving in Wet Weather.

  • In heavy rain, turn your headlights on to improve visibility
  • Use your fog lights if available
  • Leave twice as much space between you and the car in front of you
  • If your steering wheel feels light due to aquaplaning, stop accelerating and brake slowly
  • If you break down don’t leave your bonnet open while you wait. Rain-soaked electronics can cause starting problems.

Floods and standing water.

  • Try to avoid standing water, Potholes may be hidden underwater.
  • Drive slowly and steadily through the water.
  • Test your brakes after exiting the water making sure they still work normally
  • Remember water may be deeper than it seems not slowing down for standing water may result in engine or(link to how does gearbox work) transmission damage as the water causes your vehicle to slow down as if you have hit an obstacle in the road

you can follow this link to read the AA’s complete writeup for tips while driving on flooded roads

If you suspect water may have gotten into your transmission or gearbox, you need to get your car or bakkie to your nearest RDG facility as soon as possible. But do not start the engine, rather contact RDG on (011) 823 4383 or visit us on www.rdg.co.za/#enquiry to have a service advisor from your nearest RDG facility contact you today. RDG offers our own towing facilities and also work with select third parties towing providers to be able to come to your rescue!

Rex Diff and Gearbox the gearbox repair specialists

RDG has facilities across South Africa strategically placed to provide you with Gearbox and Differential repairs wherever you are. All of our branches are RMI and AA approved.

RDG is driven by perfection and maintains strict quality controls and abides by sabs standards

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