What’s the difference? Strip and Quote vs Reman Exchange?

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 Both these repair options apply to owners of vehicles of which the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. For a gearbox with minor faults (such as a noisy bearing and/or one damaged gear), it will be cheaper to strip and examine the gearbox for an accurate quote on repair cost. Although the cost is lower, this process takes longer, but still enjoys RDG’s 1-year warranty.

 For a severely damaged gearbox requiring a complete overhaul, the Reman Exchange option entails the removal of the broken gearbox and replacing it with one of RDG’s shelf stock, remanufactured gearboxes. These are priced at about the same to repair the broken unit, but can be installed within two working days, and include RDG’s warranty. Reman exchange units cost far less than a brand new gearbox.

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