image of manual vs automatic transmission

RDG: Manual vs Automatic gearboxes

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RDG Types of Gearboxes Part 1

Manual vs automatic gearboxes

image of manual vs automatic transmission

Many of us know the basic concept of a manual car versus an automatic one. Manual cars require manual gear changing, whereas automatic cars can change gears by themselves.

It sounds pretty simple, but those not familiar with automatic cars might not know exactly how much driver input is required.

Furthermore, there are varying degrees of control in different automatic systems.

Manual cars, however, always require the driver to move the gear stick to change into any gear. In addition to this, you will always need to engage the clutch to change gears.

There are many major differences between these two types of transmissions. The most significant differences include technical simplicity, increased reliability and low maintenance costs seen in manual type gearboxes compared to the ease of use and smooth power delivery of automatic versions. This comes with higher cost due to mechanical complexity.

RDG is a specialist repairer of all types of automotive transmissions, including CVTs, manual and automatic, automated manual transmissions (AMT) and all other driveline components such as clutches, propshafts, CV-joints and steering systems.

Find an RDG branch on or call +27 (0)11 823 4383 / 4393 for more info.

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Follow this link to see an informative video on the differences between Automatic and Manual transmissions.

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  1. Please could you contact me urgently as I need a quote to repair my gearbox – ford fiesta 2006 automatic transmission

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  2. Good afternoon,
    you did a great job with my Ford Ranger.
    now l have a problem with my Mercedes SL500(w129) 1996 which will not engage in PARK and with difficulty in REVERSE.
    However l suspect that something lodged in the gate, but l can not get to it.
    I am in Edenvale and would be grateful if you could tell me which branchl can bring the car to.
    Best regards and compliments of the season.
    Jurgen 0824121963

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      Good morning Jurgen our Boksburg offices are closest to you 54 Rietfontein road Boksburg our contact details are 0118234383 Zelda one of our service advisors should be able to assist you 🙂
      Otherwise send your contact details to [email protected] and I’ll have one of our service advisors to give you a call
      Have a great day further , as for our previous work we are “driven by perfection” and as such always welcome feedback and are immensely happy that we were able to assist with your Ford ranger

  3. Good morning
    I own a Mitsubishi Colt 2.8T with a manual gearbox. My left leg was amputated and cannot use the clutch. Please be so kind to inform me about the options available. I note that you mention automated manual gearbox.

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  4. I want go be cleared on this matter, if ever my car is at your workshop for a repair and suddenly there are parts to be ordered by customer from dealer and those parts took a day or two, can the customer have to,pay for Storage fee?

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      Good day sir
      From what I understand by your question , we would not charge a storage fee in that case . We understand there can be holdups in the process we are customer driven and strive to deliver a worry free service from our workshops

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