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RDG: how do CVT transmissions work?

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Part 2 in RDG’s types of gearbox series

CVT Transmissions

animation of CVT gearbox

A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a type of transmission/gearbox characterized by being a lightweight and compact automatic gearbox that is cost effective, low maintenance, easy to replace, and offers a simple shift-on-the-fly operation. A CVT allows your vehicle’s engine to operate at optimum power and efficiency for varying vehicle driving conditions bringing better fuel economy and smoother gear changes

A CVT is composed of three elements. A primary clutch attached to the engine crankshaft, a secondary clutch attached to the differential, and a belt that connects them.

Some vehicle manufacturers using CVT gearboxes are :


Follow this link for an in depth video detailing how CVT gearboxes work

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