National Womens Day !

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NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY commemorates the 9 August, 1956 march of more than 20,000 women of all races to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest the country’s pass laws.

These laws required that black South Africans carry an internal passport, known as a pass, which served to maintain racial segregation during the apartheid era.

The first National Women’s Day public holiday was celebrated on 9 August 1995.

In 2006, a re-enactment of the march was staged for its 50th anniversary, and included many of the 1956 march veterans.

The 1956 march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams. The women left 14,000 petitions at the office doors of Prime Minister JG Strijdom. They sang the protest song Wathint’Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo. (Now you have touched the women, you have struck a rock.)

Since then, the song has devolved the phrase “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”, and represents the courage and strength of women in South Africa.

National Women’s Day highlights many issues still faced by South African women today, including child-rearing, domestic violence, sexual harassment unequal pay, and access to education.

Rex Diff and Gearbox is committed to promoting equality and freedom for all women on this National Women’s Day.

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