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Rex Diff and Gearbox Pretoria is a specialist in the repair and supply of new and service exchange transmissions, differentials, propshafts, CV-joints, steering boxes and clutches on all manual and automatic passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, sport utility vehicles as well as heavy / extra heavy trucks and buses.

RDG Pretoria is one of our newest facilities nestled in the heart of Pretoria, embodying the same professional transmission repairs and driveline services we are renowned for but now only a stone's throw away from Silver Lakes.

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Professional & friendly
Transmission Services

Driveline diagnostics

Along with some of the greatest and most experienced technicians we use some of the most advanced diagnostic tools to quickly and effectively diagnose driveline problems saving you time and money while delivering effective transmission repairs.

Professional Standards

Our workshops are held to the highest standards and certified to the latest ISO 9001 International Standard and SANS 10279 South African National standards. Making RDG the go to service provider for transmission repairs for many manufacturers in South Africa. 

Peace of mind

Our workmanship is of the highest quality allowing us to offer a warranty you can rely on for all our work whether it be gearbox, transmission, differential or any of our other service offerings.

Repairs & Services


Cv' and wheel bearings

Constant velocity joint and wheel bearing repairs and replacement.


Automatic transmission repair

Specialist repairs and servicing for all automatic transmissions.


Transmission Exchange units

Wide variety of new and service exchange transmissions and gearboxes.


Propshaft repairs and balancing

Propshaft repair, remanufacture and balancing for passenger and commercial vehicles.


Manual Gearbox repair

Specialist manual gearbox repairs for all makes of vehicle.


Differential repairs

Differential repair centre for all your rear diff repair needs.


Clutch Repairs and replacement

Efficient, cost effective clutch replacement and clutch related repairs.


Transfer case repairs

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Diagnostic and fault finding

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Commercial vehicle transmission repairs

Light, Medium and heavy commercial vehicle, yellow metal transmission repair and replacement.

Transmission Repairs
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