VW DSG Gearbox repair

What is a DSG gearbox?

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What is a DSG gearbox?

Anyone who’s been interested in a performance Volkswagen or some Hyundai models will have heard the word DSG, or DCT thrown around. Both refer to the same thing: a dual-clutch gearbox/transmission. This is a newer type of automatic transmission that was first seen in racing cars manufactured by Porsche, but it was VW that made DSG a household name.

Like a conventional automatic transmission, a DSG uses fixed gear ratios to ensure an engine is running at its most efficient rpm depending on the speed. But, unlike these “normal” automatic gearboxes, a DSG effectively mates two gear sets (one with odd gears 1-3-5 and the other with even gears 2-4-6) and two clutches to allow for pre-selection of gears and a seamless swap between them.
DSG gearbox repairs

Why use a DSG gearbox?

It offers a “best of both worlds” scenario giving you the ease of driving you get from a normal automatic gearbox with only a brake and accelerator pedal , along with the control of a manual gearbox without the need of having to use a clutch pedal.Furthermore because of how a DSG works there’s no loss of power during up shifts thanks to the pre-selection of the next gear or other gear set and shifts are much faster than the normal sort of selection in a manual gearbox.
DSGs allow for both manual and automatic modes, with gear selection, happening in around 8 milliseconds most drivers will be almost unaware of the gear shifts even happening.

ONE TECHNOLOGY, many names.
Many manufacturers have introduced dual clutch gearboxes using the same technology but marketed it under a different name, lauding the benefits of better fuel efficiency and faster gearshifts . Other manufacturers using this technology are:
Citroen and Peugeot – DCS
Ford and Volvo – Powershift
Mitsubishi – SST
Porsche – PDK
Alfa-Romeo – TCT

VW DSG Gearbox repair

For a super informative video showcasing how a DSG gearbox works watch this video
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  2. my golf 5 gti 6speed gearbox needs to be rebuilt, I got the synchron rings replaced and have a new input shaft bearing. How much will it cost to rebuild this box at rdg?

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