Gearbox facts : Limp Mode

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DRIVING WITH A LIMP Most modern cars and SUVs today run on computer software. Take away the computer chips in the engine and transmission management systems, and the vehicle is just a useless heap of metal. Computers turn modern vehicles into superb works of engineering art, with every critical operation monitored by a sensor connected to the computer. But what …


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When it comes to automatic transmissions, Rex Diff and Gearbox can proudly claim some authority on the repair and maintenance of these technical marvels. Automotive gearboxes have come a long way since the heady days of overdrive and synchromesh. One such advancement attracting attention is Ford Motor Company’s recent introduction – the 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission. The 10R80 is Ford’s …

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Your gearbox and saving fuel

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Believe it or not, your car’s manual gearbox or automatic transmission is an ideal tool to help reduce fuel consumption as you drive. However, you, as the driver, will need to make a conscious decision to adjust your driving technique to save fuel. Your car’s rate of fuel consumption is directly linked to your right foot’s behaviour on the accelerator …

Car Clutch

What happens when your car’s clutch fails?

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In a car with a manual gearbox, the clutch sits between the engine and the gearbox. Its purpose is to connect / disconnect the rotating engine to / from the gearbox and drive wheels. FINDING NEUTRAL The clutch provides one of two ways to disconnect the rotating engine from the gearbox and drive wheels (for example preparing to stop at …

Your Gearbox and wet weather driving

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The rains are finally here and the traffic and flooded roads have come along with it. Driving through these flooded roads and torrential rains exposes your transmission to the elements. Rex Diff and Gearbox believes that prevention is better than cure. The best chance of preventing premature failure is to check for water in the transmission fluid after your vehicle …

National Womens Day !

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NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY commemorates the 9 August, 1956 march of more than 20,000 women of all races to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest the country’s pass laws. These laws required that black South Africans carry an internal passport, known as a pass, which served to maintain racial segregation during the apartheid era. The first National …

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6 ways to make your automatic transmission last as long as it should

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Here are six common mistakes drivers make while driving vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission Coasting in Neutral Shifting an automatic transmission into neutral while on a downhill may be an old fuel-saving trick but this habit takes the control of vehicle speed out of your control except for slowing it down. It also limits the oil supply, so the …

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Whats wrong with my gearbox : Clutch faults

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Common Clutch faults There’s something wrong with my car, is it the clutch? Before we ask if there’s something wrong with your clutch we need to understand what all a traditional clutch assembly is made up of? Clutch disc – connects to the transmission.The release mechanism (mechanical or hydraulic)Cable – connects between clutch pedal and fork.Linkage – connects fork to pressure plate.Pressure plate – …

Car Clutch

What is a clutch and why does my gearbox need one

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Whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle you probably have some sort of clutch installed. In fact a lot of the things you use daily have some form of clutch .From cordless drills to a chainsaw to even some yo-yo’s clutches form an integral part of life today. Put simply a clutch is a mechanical device that allows for …