Kia manual and automatic gearbox repairsKia manual and automatic gearbox repairs


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Manual Kia Gearbox Repairs South Korean car manufacturer KIA is renowned for its high quality vehicles at affordable prices. Thousands of KIA owners across South Africa appreciate the high build quality and excellent engineering that goes into every KIA model. But despite these attributes, components like manual gearboxes – such as those found in the entry-level Picanto and Rio range …

car clutch replacement

What happens when your car’s clutch fails?

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In a car with a manual gearbox, the clutch sits between the engine and the gearbox. Its purpose is to connect / disconnect the rotating engine to / from the gearbox and drive wheels. FINDING NEUTRAL The clutch provides one of two ways to disconnect the rotating engine from the gearbox and drive wheels (for example preparing to stop at …

wet weather gearbox breakdownwet weather gearbox breakdown

Your Gearbox and wet weather driving

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The rains are finally here and the traffic and flooded roads have come along with it. Driving through these flooded roads and torrential rains exposes your transmission to the elements. Rex Diff and Gearbox believes that prevention is better than cure. The best chance of preventing premature failure is to check for water in the transmission fluid after your vehicle …

car clutch replacement

What is a clutch and why does my gearbox need one

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Whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle you probably have some sort of clutch installed. In fact a lot of the things you use daily have some form of clutch .From cordless drills to a chainsaw to even some yo-yo’s clutches form an integral part of life today. Put simply a clutch is a mechanical device that allows for …