When it comes to automatic transmissions, Rex Diff and Gearbox can proudly claim some authority on the repair and maintenance of these technical marvels. Ford Automatic gearboxes have come a long way since the heady days of overdrive and synchromesh.

Ford 10R80 Automatic Gearbox repair

One such advancement attracting attention is Ford Motor Company’s recent introduction – the 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission. The 10R80 is Ford’s contribution to a joint venture with General Motors to design a longitudinal 10-speed transmission to fit into a variety of rear-wheel-drive vehicles from both companies’ product lines.

General Motors’ task was to design and engineer a nine-speed auto transmission for transverse applications in some Ford and GM front-wheel-drive vehicles. Ultimately, Ford opted to use its own 8-speed FWD transmission in vehicles like the Ford Edge and Ford Transit in its home U.S. market.

FORD Gearbox repairs in South Africa

In South Africa, the 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission is standard equipment in some of Ford’s Ranger, Everest and Mustang product models from 2018 onwards.

Gearbox teardown

The major benefit of this transmission is that it optimises maximum engine power and continuously smooth acceleration due to a unique triple-clutch assembly which provides smaller steps between ratios. This wide gear ratio spread also features a lower top gear ratio; this allows reduced engine rpm at highway speed for high fuel efficiency.

Like all automatic transmissions, the 10R80 has a pump to pressure transmission fluid through the valve body. However, it doesn’t have a conventional front pump; it uses a gear-driven displacement vane rotor pump located in the front case next to the valve body assembly. Ford engineers adopted the gear driven pump layout as it is quieter than a chain and sprocket. The idler gear ball bearing is also stronger and quieter than a roller bearing.


The Ford 10-speed manages to house four planetary gear sets within the same space as an 8-speed transmission, illustrating the efficiency of the internal layout.

The Ford Ranger bakkie series has become one of the auto maker’s top sellers, and the Everest SUV is also popular amongst SA consumers. The Mustang remains a specialty model for enthusiasts with means.

Any automotive transmission is vulnerable to abuse, whether it’s a manual or automatic. All transmissions also accumulate wear and tear over time and eventually require some extra attention. The valve body and solenoids in an auto transmission work as hard as the planetary gears and clutch packs. Wear eventually shows up in various ways. That’s where RDG provides solutions for maintenance and gearbox repairs.


Rex Diff and Gearbox has dedicated a section of its automatic transmission centre workflow to optimise diagnostics, parts supply, reassembly and testing for the 10R80 as fitted in several Ranger and Everest models in South Africa. In addition, RDG can repair auto and manual transmissions from all makes and types of recent model vehicles.


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