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6 ways to make your automatic transmission last as long as it should

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Here are six common mistakes drivers make while driving vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission

Automatic vehicle gear selection indicator

Coasting in Neutral

Shifting an automatic transmission into neutral while on a downhill may be an old fuel-saving trick but this habit takes the control of vehicle speed out of your control except for slowing it down.

It also limits the oil supply, so the automatic transmission does not get proper lubrication for smooth operation. Which can result in significant wear and damage. RDG recommends forgetting this habit as the fuel savings negligible. Your gearbox will thank you later!

Car rev guage

Revving the engine before shifting to drive

We all did it as teenagers launching our cars from a standstill, but doing this can cause massive shock to the gearbox leading to more friction between the internal components leading to clutch failure. It also causes serious harm to the bands and clutches of the automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission cutaway

Changing gear position while the car is moving

Shifting to drive whilst the car is still reversing makes your automatic transmission components change direction rapidly, putting premature wear on your gearbox. Always use your brakes and come to a complete stop before changing gear.

The same goes for shifting into park while the car is moving always let your car come to a stop and fully depress your brakes before shifting into park.

Shifting into neutral at traffic lights

Some people shift their automatic transmissions into neutral at traffic lights rather than keeping their foot on the brakes but it’s far safer and better for your transmission to leave it in drive.

Cars with Automatic transmissions are made to save fuel while the car is in drive so the old way of thinking leaving your car in neutral while stopped to save fuel no longer applies. This coupled with not being able to react quickly in an emergency situation if your vehicle is in neutral means there is no benefit at all to leaving your vehicle in neutral while waiting for the lights to change

Keep your fuel levels in check

Automatic transmissions in cars depend on proper lubrication and require adequate fluid pressure to operate properly. Petrol helps keep your vehicles engine and other components lubricated and cool.

So while petrol may be more and more expensive letting your tank run near empty repeatedly may end up costing more than a top up ever will.

Driving your car hard while your automatic transmission is still cold

Whether you are late for work, frustrated and wanting to get out on the road or just want to drive a little like a race car driver it’s always essential to allow your cars automatic transmission to warm up properly before driving it hard.

This is especially important in the winter months while it’s cold outside as oil is generally thicker while it’s cold. Giving your car some time to warm up and allowing lubricant to properly get around your engine and transmission before driving it hard is essential to avoid damaging your engine or gearbox.

Rex Diff and Gearbox are automatic transmission specialists

While you may treat your cars automatic transmission with all the care in the world, accidents happen and you will encounter normal wear and tear every time you take your car out on the road

No matter what problem you may encounter with your automatic transmission Rex Diff and Gearbox is the solution for all your driveline needs from transmission fluid changes to fully re-manufactured exchange units . RDG and its 11 branches throughout South Africa can assist to get your automatic transmission back to working the way it did when it first came out of the factory.

Contact your nearest RDG today to book your vehicle in or leave us your details on our contact form and one of our friendly service advisers will attend to you

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  1. Hi, I am driving audi a4 2.5dti Quattro 2002 – gearbox 5hp19 automatic. Dash light all gears, not changing while driven. Rear gear it seems OK, but forward it the problem.

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  2. I drive a 2015 VW Golf 1.4 TSI Comfortline DSG and it randomly gives me the “Error Gearbox” message while I drive and if I switch off the car and restart it goes off. What is the caise of this and can you fix it?

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