image of manual vs automatic transmission

RDG: Manual vs Automatic gearboxes

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  RDG Types of Gearboxes Part 1 Manual vs automatic gearboxes Many of us know the basic concept of a manual car versus an automatic one. Manual cars require manual gear changing, whereas automatic cars can change gears by themselves. It sounds pretty simple, but those not familiar with automatic cars might not know exactly how much driver input is …

CVT Gearbox animation

RDG: how do CVT transmissions work?

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Part 2 in RDG’s types of gearbox series CVT Transmissions A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a type of transmission/gearbox characterized by being a lightweight and compact automatic gearbox that is cost effective, low maintenance, easy to replace, and offers a simple shift-on-the-fly operation. A CVT allows your vehicle’s engine to operate at optimum power and efficiency for varying vehicle …